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Abolition Radio, the broadcast outreach of LOVE NEVER FAILS, invites you to join in the fight against human trafficking.  We seek to mobilize the Church in North America to move beyond awareness toward collective action in abolishing modern slavery at home and abroad.  Starting with the significant human trafficking problem here in Northern California, Abolition Radio will engage the audience with a weekly program featuring: compelling interviews with modern abolitionists, stories of hope by survivors, and specific calls to action for the support of those who are caught up in, or recovering from sex and labor trafficking.  

Mission: Abolition Radio presents programs designed to turn a Christian radio audience into an army of “gospel activists”.  Each episode will present one of the many facets of the modern abolition movement.  The goal of each program will be to equip the Church to engage in this justice issue within a clear biblical framework.  Success will be measured via increased awareness, giving, and volunteerism for the ministries that are highlighted.  


Abolition Radio Episode 43 - Hillside Covenant 

This week we speak with Sarah Ago about Hillside Covenant. 

Next episode is broadcast live on KFAX AM 1100 at 3PM, Saturday, November 7th.


Learn about how Love Never Fails began and the programs that were created to meet the needs of one young person which are now being used to help thousands. 

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