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Each LNF program was developed with one person in mind. 

Our approach holistically addresses a survivors needs on their journey to safety and wholeness. 



  • Love Never Fails, 3Strands Global, and Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives have joined together in the fight against human trafficking to launch a statewide prevention education initiative. 

    The joint mission is to reduce the vulnerability of children by identifying and preventing human trafficking using a standardized trauma informed education curriculum and systematic delivery methodology. To learn more about this initiative go to

  • Love Never Fails and PROTECT supported the passing of AB 1227: Human Trafficking Prevention Education and Training Act. The bill was sponsored by PROTECT partner, 3Strands Global. Read their press release here
  • CSEC Education Resources:
  • Don't forget to share our educational videos with your family and friends and post them on your social media pages to raise awareness.  Videos here.


  • According to the Polaris 2012 housing study there are approximately 529 beds dedicated to human trafficking in the United States.  Love Never Fails encountered 306 exploited women, men and children in Northern California alone during our monthly street outreaches. This means that just the outreach of one agency would fill 75% of the human trafficking housing capacity in the entire United States. 
  • To address the dire need, Love Never Fails launched the I AM house of restoration in March 2015. More info here.
  • To learn more about the program and how you can help review our housing prospectus here.


  • Mentors 4 Positive Change was developed to support youth in their life’s journey. Our goal is for mentees to gain a sense of belonging and acceptance by inviting them to participate in a 1-on-1 relationship which provides access to safe and enriching activities that empower them to make positive life choices.
    • Click here for more info.


  • Project Look 4 Me volunteer staff is comprised of private investigators, off duty law enforcement and military personnel and justice oriented community members. Together we focus on organizing searches and assist in creating and distributing missing person flyers.


  • The focus of our Community Outreach is to increase prevention awareness of abuse and human trafficking. We launch joint community strategies to enlighten and assist any organization that is interested in participating in awareness events


  • Life launch is our workforce development program. We are committed to providing members of the under-served and under-represented community including foster, system involved and/or transitional aged youth, teenage parents, human trafficking survivors, etc. an opportunity to compete for professional careers in sustainable industries. 
  • Our program provides immediate employment opportunities in our community store, DOUBLE PORTION, as well as access to our career closet for those preparing for interviews in other industries. 
  • In addition, we will be launching our technology and beauty industry education programs in the Winter of 2017. 
  • These programs are supported by Alameda County's AC Hire program, Wells Fargo, and our many community partners and volunteers. 


  • Legal support, services, and advocacy will be referred to our Legal Services Coordinator and referred to a network of Probono Law firms who are committed to the restoration of human trafficking survivors.  For more information contact us at


  • LNF utilizes a mobile case management program.  We are currently staffing this function to address this need and making real time referrals to West Coast Children's Clinic and Christian Counseling services for trauma informed counseling as well as Bay Area Women Against Rape, Progressive Transitions, and MISSSEY for case management and other supportive services that are needed as one journeys from victimization to a thriving lifestyle. 



    Men's Services exists to have men live transformed lives. As men we are taught early in life that we are defined by what we do and not by who we are. We will provide tools to prepare them to succeeded in today’s world. We will coach them to recognize their strengths. Coach them to become self-confident Men of Honor who can rely on their God given abilities to follow Godly Principles. We believe that each man has been given a purpose in this life by God. We want to help them discover that purpose and launch them to fulfill it.  
    Love Never Fails offers workforce development, mentoring, counseling and recovery support. Our faith based training will enable them to rely on God for their inner strength and outward confidence.

    If you are interested in joining us to help men of all ages live transformed lives please contact Men’s Services. If you know of someone or you yourself are interested in our programs. Please contact:


  • Love Never Fails is rooted in prayer.  We believe in the power of prayer to heal and change lives for the better. 
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