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Pastor Gary Mortara  |  Senior Pastor, Faith Fellowship Church

Pastor Gary Mortara | Senior Pastor, Faith Fellowship Church

Pastor Gary was raised in a wonderful Christian home by two godly parents, but it wasn't until 1980 at age 22 that he finally surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. Knowing that God was calling him to preach the gospel, he started attending Bible College and received his B.A. In Pastoral studies. In January 1989 he and his wife Tisha started the Oakland Foursquare Church and had limited success.

Then in September 1993 God called them to Faith Fellowship Foursquare Church in San Leandro California. The church had 40 adults and 25 kids, but today they have about 2,000 people who call this wonderful church home.

Pastor Gary has served as a Divisional Supervisor over the Bay Area Foursquare churches and served on their advisory council for the entire district of 200 churches. He teaches Theology at Jubilee Bible college and has taught at both Golden Gate School of Theology and Patten University.

Pastor Gary has had a Television show for over 11 years now on KTLN called 'I Speak Life' which reaches hundreds of thousands of people each week. He has been pastoring now for 27 years and has led countless of thousands to Christ. To God be the glory.

He has written 6 books which God has used to reach men and women all over the country. His first book, Be A Man, has been used in men's conferences and for Bible studies in many churches and denominations and he is also a part of the National speaking team of Iron Sharpens Iron (I.S.I.) men's ministry and Men's Catalyst International. His books, 'The Beauty of A Woman' and 'Let's Get This Gay Thing Straight' are powerful resources for touching the lives of men, women and unbelievers. Based on many questions directed to Pastor Gary, 'Ask The Pastor' was also published.

'God and Golf' is a book in which Pastor Gary shares how he met God on the golf course. 'The Token Charismatic' is his latest writing on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. This book has opened many more doors for Pastor Gary as he teaches how the gifts operate today and may be one of the best books ever written on speaking in tongues.

He and his wife Tisha have three children, Michael age 28, Jonathan 25 and Liana 21. His hobbies include hunting and golf, which he plays at the professional level. His passion is the knowledge and teaching of God's word which he does with enthusiasm and in a humorous and easy to understand style.

Pastor Gary is a frequent speaker at both men and women's conferences, seminars and retreats. To contact for more information please call 510-357-5723.