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Rachael Babcock | CEO, Metsi Technologies

Rachael Babcock | CEO, Metsi Technologies

Rachael Babcock is the US CEO of Metsi Technologies.  Metsi is a global Full Stack Engineering Systems Integrator, Cisco Integrator Partner, and Cisco Business Enablement Partner, with operations in the US, UK, Europe, South Africa, and India.  Metsi specializes in IT automation & orchestration across the Software Defined Data Center, including IT Service Catalogue, CMP (Cloud Management Platforms), Software Defined Networking, and AppDynamics.

Rachael has over 20 year’s experience in IT and telecommunications, with a strong background in global sales and executive leadership in high-growth environments. Previously, she ran a nationwide Cisco Gold Partner business; was the State of TN’s first Chief Innovation Officer, designing software defined data centers with Cisco; launched Telefonica’s global IoT partner program at Cisco Jasper, served as an international telecom Chief Commercial Officer, and was CEO of a fintech startup.

On a personal level, Rachael understands and celebrates the personal courage required to overcome significant life challenges.

As an IT industry veteran, Rachael strongly believes in the value of LNF’s IT candidates to bring strong, gender diverse, committed, socially responsible talent to the IT industry.