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RESULTS FROM 2011-2014:

  • Educated 3000+ children using our 6-12th grade abuse prevention curriculum which satisfies California’s Health Education Standards and satisfies SB1165 recommendations signed into law 10/22/14.
  • Educated 150 Elementary Students using our Freedom Fighter Elementary School program. 
  • Mentoring 40 program members. 
  • Transportation (Clipper Card) for 30 program members. 
  • School Scholarships/Book Support for 5 program members. 
  • Workforce and Economic Development for 21 program members ages 14-29.
  • Led 24 Outreaches in Oakland, San Francisco, Modesto, Richmond, San Jose, etc. reaching 300 exploited women, men and children annually. 
  • Rescued 36 women and children from exploitation. Also launched Missing Children Facebook Page titled Project Look for Me. 
  • Housing for 10 program members. 
  • Parenting Classes for 5 CSEC Parents.
  • Sponsored three youth dance teams.
  • Collaborated with CSEC Agencies to advocate for Oakland CSEC resolution mandating that all Oakland students receive human trafficking education. 
  • Led an Oakland march – 500 Participants.
  • Launched Huffington Post Human Trafficking Blog.
  • Participated in 50 Community Awareness Events; educating 1000s of community members.
  • Fed and Prayed for 1000s of Homeless and Exploited Women, Men and Children.
  • Leadership Recognized Regionally – Jefferson Award recipients. (HERE)
  • Launched 4 PSAs.