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Cisco’s Bridge Awardee Vanessa Russell, Founder and Executive Director of Love Never Fails.

Cisco’s Bridge Awardee Vanessa Russell, Founder and Executive Director of Love Never Fails.


Thank you for supporting Love Never Fails. In November 2018 LNF Founder and Executive Director, Vanessa Russell, was given the Cisco Systems Bridge Award. She was one of 10 of 70,000 employees awarded for the work she is doing with LOVE NEVER FAILS to restore educate and protect survivors of human trafficking. Since then, she has retired from Cisco to dedicate her life to providing sustainable jobs in IT to survivors of human trafficking and other vulnerable populations such as those in the foster care or juvenile justice systems or who have experienced homelessness.

She needs your support. Cisco’s CEO, Chuck Robbins, has set a goal of bringing 1,000,000 into the digital economy by 2024 by way of Cisco Networking Academies. LOVE NEVER FAILS is partnering with Cisco to meet this goal by training 5,000 new students via IT Biz with your help.

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Vanessa embodies Cisco’s new motto “The Bridge to Possible” in every way. In 2010, one of her 15-year-old dance students was sold into human trafficking. Although the student was eventually located and is being restored, Vanessa encountered many other women, men and children who were trapped in modern-day slavery. Her response was to launch LOVE NEVER FAILS, a nonprofit dedicated to the restoration, education and protection of those involved or at risk of becoming involved in human trafficking. 

Since launching in December of 2011, LOVE NEVER FAILS has educated thousands of children and community members on the issue of human trafficking, opened two homes that provide long-term safe housing and restorative services for an average of 26 women survivors and their children each year and launched an IT Academy connecting under-served community members with financially sustainable careers

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Please join our efforts to stop human trafficking and help survivors and other vulnerable community members access sustainable jobs in the IT industry by making a contribution to support IT Biz.