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Maulik Shyani  |  Founder and CEO, BayInfotech

Maulik Shyani | Founder and CEO, BayInfotech

Maulik Shyani

Maulik Shyani is the Founder and CEO of BayInfotech. BayInfotech is a Software Development company, which augment customers in emerging practice areas such as Cloud, Automation, and Integration. As an action-oriented and result driver leader, he uses a client-centric approach to develop long term relationships through win-win-win business opportunities that are good for the client, the client's customers, and the vendor/partner.

He is very much a self-motivated, disciplined, and exceptionally well-organized sales professional with a track record of success fueled by creativity and passion. Equally adept at building and managing a team, and/or harnessing the power of the wider organization to achieve results. Investing into the employee's growth is his number one priority. Another valued priority he’s very passionate about is giving back to the community. Enthusiastically working with Love Never Fails among many other charitable projects. His work ethic and business mindset are based on ensuring his customers, employees, and community thrives.